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Rebranding the Musicians Foundation After a Century of Providing Financial Support for Struggling Artists

Posted on June 8th, 2017 by jwdnyc

The Musicians Foundation was established in 1914 to provide financial assistance to professional musicians overtaken by misfortune. It is a small, efficient operation which partners with other organizations to help identify struggling musicians with a specific financial emergency and then delivers the funds directly to the person in need. After a century of existence, as part of a fundraising necessity, the foundation needed to rebrand. The music industry has vastly changed over the decades and the foundation’s image needed to reflect this.

We designed the logo to represent musicians in all forms — from classical performers to digital recording artists — in a bright, modern sound waves. While modernizing the image of the foundation was imperative to take it into the future, we also established its distinguished history with imagery of renowned supporters: Pablo Casals, Rachmaninoff, Toscanini, and Yo-yo Ma, to name just a few. As part of the rebranding launch we designed the stationery system, identity/development brochure, and website.

Their previous logo:

New Website Launch: Israel Cancer Research Fund

Posted on April 23rd, 2012 by jwdnyc

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website we designed and developed for Israel Cancer Research Fund.

The new website strategically integrates ICRF chapters in the US, Toronto, and Israel, by combining former disparate chapter websites into one united brand and resource. We enhanced their existing branding to create a dynamic design which is friendly and appealing to chapter members and potential donors. Fundraising opportunities were pushed to the forefront with careful planning of the website’s donation features – from design and menu structure, to incorporating new user features (such as the ability to create your own personal fundraising page).

ICRF Website