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Inspire Gala Audiences with a Touching Video

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by jwdnyc

Most fundraising gala events have begun presenting videos to their audiences. The medium is a profound way to communicate your mission by transporting the viewer into the lives of those benefited by the organization. It commands attention between, often dry, speeches at the podium.

Many nonprofit organizations don’t have the time or resources to send camera crews out to various locations and script a documentary. However, magic can still be made with the simple ingredients of well selected photographs (often on hand from existing annual reports and marketing materials) and moving vocals and/or instrumental music.

When Expert Events, LLC produced Project HOPE’s 2013 Gala in New York City, we were asked to create a video for the event within a modest budget. In the three minute video, we portrayed an overview of the amazing work that Project HOPE has accomplished in its more than 50 years. The vocals were sung live at the gala by Nathan Carlisle.